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1st Hole

Pro's Tip
Hole 1 - v4.jpg

A demanding opening Par 4 with out-of-bounds down the right and a penalty area to the left. An accurate tee shot that carries to the corner of the dogleg will open up the green for a short iron approach. Club selection is key as this three-tiered green, sloping from back to front with treacherous bunkers, demands careful strategy and calculation of distances.

Click on the images below to view any of the hole layouts.

Hole 1_edited.jpg
Hole 2_edited.jpg
Hole 4_edited.jpg
Hole 5_edited_edited.jpg
Hole 7_edited.jpg
Hole 8_edited.jpg
Hole 3_edited.jpg
Hole 6_edited.jpg
Hole 9_edited.jpg
Overall Hole by Hole Map v1_edited.jpg
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