Local Rules
  1. Out of Bounds – Rule 18.2 or Model Local Rule E-5

  • In or over the canal on 1st/10th; 2nd/11th; 6th/15th; 7th/16th holes.

  • In, on or over all Boundary Fences. 

  • On the Entrance Bridge.


 2. Lost ball - Model Local Rule E-5

  • A lost ball anywhere on the course with the exception of in a penalty area (see PDF and Video on this page)

 3. Penalty Areas

  • Yellow Penalty Area as marked by Yellow Stakes or lines – Rule 17.1d(1)

  • Red Penalty Area as marked by Red Stakes or lines – {Rule 17.1(d)3 and (2)}


 4. Movable Obstructions

  • Penalty Area Posts, Waste Bins, Rakes - Rule 15.2(a)


 5. Abnormal Course Conditions (including Immovable Obstructions)

  • Immovable Obstructions – Signboard behind 9th/18th green; sprinkler heads; manhole covers; steps on teeing areas; teeing areas other than hole in play; seats; stone markers on fairways; gravel paths; stone filled drains. – Rule 16.

  • Ground Under Repair – All Ground Under Repair is marked by a white line.


 6. Drop Zone

  • While playing the 7th/16th Holes if a ball comes to rest in the stone area behind the green the player must take free relief by dropping the original ball or another ball in the Dropping Zone as indicated by a white circle. The dropping zone is a relief area under Rule 14.3.


 7. Etiquette – Rule 1.2

  • No mobile phones on course.

  • Golf shoes must be worn – soft spike only.


Penalty for breach of local rule: Stroke Play – 2 Shots; Match Play – Loss of Hole

Note that during the Covid 19 restrictions, all bunkers are out of play and 6" preferred lie in bunker applicable until further notice.
Please replace all divots, repair all marks on the greens and rake bunkers after use
Updated April 2021
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Model Local Rule E-5