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Types of Competition

Types of Competition

Types of Competition

Four Ball Better Ball

In 4BBB competitions two players play as partners. Each player plays their own ball.

In 4BBB Stableford, the strokes for each partner is recorded and the highest individual points per hole is recorded. The partners with the highest number of points in the event are the winners.

In 4BBB Stroke, the actual number of shots per hole for each partner is include on the scorecard. (e.g. if a player scores 5 on a hole which is allocated one stoke by the Stroke Index, their Nett score for that hole is 4). The lowest Nett score of the partners is recorded for each hole. The partners with the lowest Nett score recorded for the round are the winners.

Stroke v Par Competition

A player score in Stroke V Par receives a plus (+), minus (-) or square (#) at each hole played in relation to their handicap. A plus is achieved by beating par at a hole in relation to the players handicap. A square is achieved by matching par and a minus if player fails to beat par, again in relation to their handicap. The final score is calculated by subtracting the minus signs from the plus signs giving an overall score. (e.g. 6 pluses less 4 minuses = +2 final score) Highest overall score wins the event.

Greensome (Scotch Foursome)

In Greensome competitions two players play as partners. Each player drives at each hole and then decide which drive to then play. The player whose ball was not selected, then plays the next shot and thereafter alternate shots played until the hole is finished. Each player must use one of their own drives in each nine, front and back, two overall. The handicap allowance to use are 60% of the lowest handicap plus 40% of the highest handicap.

Pairs Custom best score per hole

Players play in teams of two. On front nine two scores count for even numbered holes and in back nine two scores count for odd number holes, where holes are numbered 1 to 18 (i.e., 2,4,6,8,11,13,15,17 count two scores)


Order of Merit 2023 (Golfer of the Year)
Sponsored by Smith Moumentals


• In the fixtures marked QC (qualifying competition), members can earn points which accumulate over the 15 rounds identified.

•At the end of qualifying the top 24 and ties will play in the Order of Merit


•To qualify in the top 24, a member must complete a minimum of four QC's.

•A fully paid up member will earn 1 point for each QC entered.

•The top 10 placed overall in each QC will be awarded additional points.

First place will earn an additional 12 points, second place 10 points, third 9 points, and one point less for each subsequent position e.g., 10th place will earn 2 additional points, (total of 3, 1 point for entry and 2 additional points for placing), position 11 and lower will only earn the 1 entry point.

• Non returns or disqualified entries in QC's will not earn any points in the QC.

•The Competition Committee reserve the right to reduce the number or qualifying competitions or change the date, if necessary, due to weather or other circumstances that may arise.

The final:

• Will be an open draw Stableford competition.

•Points earned in qualifying will be added to points earned in the final, aggregating to an overall order of merit points total.

• The points available in the final will be a multiple of the points scale used in QC (e.g. 13*3, 11*3, 10*3, , 1*3 etc. where 3 is the multiplier and maximum points on the day for winning is 39 points and lowest is 3 points).

• The committee will decide the multiplier after qualifying is finished, using formula of the difference between QC position 1st and 24th / 10 (e.g.if 1st had 57 points and 24th had 23 points after QC, then 34/10 = 3.4).

The multiplier, however, will not be greater than 4. The decision of the committee is final in deciding the multiplier.

•The highest overall points after the final, wins the Order of Merit. In case of ties, the player with the best net score in the final will be deemed the winner, using the count back rules as per the R&A recommendations if necessary.

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