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Purse top-up   (Smartphone)
Entering a Competition
Purse top-up (Desktop Browser)
Viewing all your Purse Transactions

Ballinamore Golf Club introduced the Member's "Competition Purse" in 2021 for all members taking part in the Club Competitions. This replaces the need to have cash in hand for every competition. The "Purse" is managed through the Masterscoreboard App on your Smartphone or Desktop computer. Just follow the steps below;

Step 1. Ensure your "Purse" has sufficient funds before playing a competition. Top-up online using your credit/debit card as necessary. ( Click on the button above to top up your "Purse")

Step 2. On the day of play, Sign in to the Competition at the Clubhouse Touchscreen computer and the competition fee will be deducted automatically from your "Purse". It's that simple!.

  • It is the Member's responsibility to ensure that their "Purse" has sufficient funds in advance of entering a competition. 

  • Members will have full visibility of their "Purse" balance through the Masterscoreboard system on their Smartphone App or through the Ballinamore Website link

  • The top-up uses the secure STRIPE merchant payment system and will take all major credit/debit cards.


  1. The minimum top-up amount is €20. Your "Purse" has no time limit and any unused funds will carry over to the next year.

  2. An over-draft facility will be in place which will allow a Member to enter one competition, even if they have forgotten to top-up their "Purse" in advance and have no funds available. The member can address this debt by topping up after the competition.

  3. Winnings from Club Competitions can be deposited into the Member's "Purse".

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